Error Codes

Error CodeDescriptionHTTP Code
0API general error. Please contact support.404
0You have sent too many requests. Please try again later.429
#-0We are unable to process your request at this time, please try again later.404
#-1Country is invalid.404
#-2Language is invalid.404
#-3Category is invalid.404
1Search provider is not found.404
2Search provider is not supported.404
3No keywords found in the request.404
4No API key provided.404
5API key is invalid.404
6You have tried to use an invalid API key for too many consecutive times. Please try again later.404
7You have reached your limit of searches. Please try again shortly.404
8Please provide no more than 2,000 negative keywords in your request.404
9Sorry, you have reached your daily limit of searches. Please try again another day.404
10Search results could be incomplete, please try again later. This request was not counted against your quota.200
11Please choose a search mode ("suggestions", "analyze-competitors" or "volume"), e.g. "[mode]/[provider]".404
12Please choose a search provider, e.g. "[mode]/[provider]".404
13Provider is not supported for search volume mode.404
14Metrics location is invalid.404
15Metrics language is invalid.404
16Search network is invalid.404
17Currency is invalid.404
18You can only select up to 10 metrics locations.404
19You can only select 1 metrics location.404
20You cannot send more than 800 keywords in a request.404
21You can only select 1 metrics language.404
22A keyword exceeds the maximum allowed length. The length of any given keyword cannot exceed 80 characters.404
23Given URL is invalid404
24Provider is not supported for Analyze Competitors mode.404
25Provider is not supported for Related Keywords type.404
26Provider is not supported for Hashtags type.404
27Provider is not supported for People type.404
28The length of any given negative keyword cannot exceed 80 characters.404
29Metrics display options is invalid. Please choose between "estimated" or "googlesearchvolume".404
30A keyword cannot contain more than 10 words.404
31Provider is not supported for Products type.404
32Provider is not supported for Prepositions type.404
33Provider is not supported for Questions type.404
34Provider is not supported for Keyword Suggestions type.404
35Provider is not supported for Related Queries (Top) type.404
36Provider is not supported for Related Queries (Rising) type.404
42960Sorry, we are having issues processing your request at the moment. Please try again shortly.429

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