All Keyword Tool API subscriptions are limited to 10 API requests per minute, the number of API requests that you can make per 24-hours (day) depends on the Keyword Tool API plan that you are subscribed to.

Every successful API request is counted towards the 24-hours (daily) quota.

Please note that the daily API limits are calculated within the rolling 24-hour window are not tied to any timezone. For example, if your account is limited to 100 API requests per day and you have made 1 API request today at 3 pm, you will have 99 remaining API requests until tomorrow 3 pm.

You can use Quota Endpoint to check the remaining number of API requests that you can make at any given point in time.

LimitsAPI PlusAPI BasicAPI LiteCustom Plan
API requests per rolling 24-hour window (day)800400100Custom limits
API requests per rolling 1-minute window101010Custom limits

If your use case requires custom API limits, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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