The table below shows the description of the values that can be found in API responses.




A keyword that the search volume data is provided for.


Average monthly search volume for the last 12 months.


Search volume on a given month.


The exact month number for the "m1" to "m12" values.


The exact year for the "m1" to "m12" values.


Google Ads Cost-Per-Click (CPC) for the keyword.


Google Ads competition metric for the keyword.

You can choose to get the API responses in either JSON or XML format.

Below you can see the sample API response in JSON and XML.

  "results": {
    "table": {
      "string": "table",
      "volume": 450000,
      "m1": 450000,
      "m1_month": 7,
      "m1_year": 2022,
      "m2": 450000,
      "m2_month": 6,
      "m2_year": 2022,
      "m3": 368000,
      "m3_month": 5,
      "m3_year": 2022,
      "m4": 450000,
      "m4_month": 4,
      "m4_year": 2022,
      "m5": 450000,
      "m5_month": 3,
      "m5_year": 2022,
      "m6": 368000,
      "m6_month": 2,
      "m6_year": 2022,
      "m7": 368000,
      "m7_month": 1,
      "m7_year": 2022,
      "m8": 550000,
      "m8_month": 12,
      "m8_year": 2021,
      "m9": 673000,
      "m9_month": 11,
      "m9_year": 2021,
      "m10": 673000,
      "m10_month": 10,
      "m10_year": 2021,
      "m11": 550000,
      "m11_month": 9,
      "m11_year": 2021,
      "m12": 550000,
      "m12_month": 8,
      "m12_year": 2021,
      "cpc": 1.3,
      "cmp": 0.993243723
  "total_keywords": 1
<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <item string="table" volume="450000" m1="450000" m1_month="7" m1_year="2022" m2="450000" m2_month="6" m2_year="2022" m3="368000" m3_month="5" m3_year="2022" m4="450000" m4_month="4" m4_year="2022" m5="450000" m5_month="3" m5_year="2022" m6="368000" m6_month="2" m6_year="2022" m7="368000" m7_month="1" m7_year="2022" m8="550000" m8_month="12" m8_year="2021" m9="673000" m9_month="11" m9_year="2021" m10="673000" m10_month="10" m10_year="2021" m11="550000" m11_month="9" m11_year="2021" m12="550000" m12_month="8" m12_year="2021" cpc="1.3" cmp="0.993243723"/>