Search Volume Service

Search Volume service allows getting exact, 100% accurate Google and Bing search volume data for the provided list of keywords. In addition to that, the API allows retrieving the estimated search volume data for keywords on YouTube, Amazon, eBay, App Store, Play Store, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy, and TikTok.

Every API request to the Search Volume Endpoint accepts from 1 to 1,000 keywords. We recommend to fully utilize the 1,000 keyword limit when getting the search volume data for keywords.

Please note, that all the keywords in the returned response will share the same localization settings. Which means that at the moment it is not possible to get search volume data for keywords in different locations in a single API request. For example, if you would like to get local search volume data for the keyword "usb" in Germany, Brazil, and Japan, you will need to make 3 separate API requests.

The Google and Bing search volume data provided by Keywords Tool API exactly matches the numbers from Google Ads Keyword Planner and Bing Ads Keyword Planner respectively.

Search Volume service API requests return average monthly search volume data for the past 12 months, search volume breakdown by individual months, Google Ads cost-per-click (cpc) and competition data (cmp) for every keyword. You can find the response syntax on this page: Responses

To get the data using Search Volume service you will need to make API requests to the Search Volume Endpoint.

You can find the detailed API reference and the list of supported parameters for the Search Volume endpoint on this page: